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Meet the People of Jackson County

McKeeAmong our people there is an independent spirit born of our colorful heritage.

Jackson County was carved out of the wilderness in 1858 from portions of the surrounding counties. Primarily, its settlers were from the Virginias and the Carolinas.

Traditionally an agrarian community, our ancestors knew the meaning of hard work, of “making do” and, at times, of “doing without.” They knew too, through their faith, strength, and determination what things in life were to be valued and cherished – hearing the first cry of a newborn baby; witnessing the rebirth of the land that comes with the early, gentle spring rains; listening to the music of the crickets and whippoorwills at dusk; gathering the bounties of the harvest; and, most importantly, being with family and friends.

Today, the spirit and values of our ancestors are still evident in our people. Many of our people arequilters, weavers, woodworkers, doll makers, and other artists. They continue to teach their skills to others in order to help preserve and honor our heritage.

Our CommunityOur area is made up of many small communities. Although each is unique and independent, these communities work in harmony with each other.

We are proud of our safe, clean, friendly, small-town environment. There is a wonderful feeling of belonging here. People here are never too busy to talk, to listen, and to help.

With hospitality that can only be created in an environment such as ours, we invite you to come and enjoy the “finer things in life”.

Excellent Location, Enjoyable Climate

Jackson County, Kentucky lies just beyond the outer Bluegrass region on the rim of the Cumberland Plateau. It has an area of 337 sq. miles. 87.5 sq. miles of the county lie within the Daniel Boone National Forest, which contains some of the most beautiful woodlands and ruggedly scenic areas in the state. Jackson County is within 600 miles of two-thirds of the U.S. population. Strategically located a one-day drive of 70 percent of the total U.S. market, Jackson County is at the core of a consumer and industrial market that represents 69 percent of the total U.S. income and 72 percent of all manufacturing production.

Jackson County Map

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Normal (30 year record) 54.9
Average Annual 1992 55.1
Record Highest, July 1988 (48 year record) 103
Record Lowest, January 1963 (48 year record) -21
Normal (30 year record) 45.68
Mean Annual Snowfall 15.5
Total Precipitation 1992 49.09
Mean Number Days Precipitation (.01 inch or more) 129.8
Mean Number Days Thunderstorms (48 year record) 44.7

McKee, Kentucky

McKee, Kentucky in Jackson county is 46 miles SE of Lexington, Kentucky. The city has a population of 878.

The People and Families of McKee

In McKee, about 43% of adults are married. Be careful driving in McKee, since the city is home to many young children. Looking at the city, you’ll find a large share of the people are not married.

McKee Housing

Owners occupy 35% of the housing units in McKee. The average age of the housing in the city is relatively low. If the number of studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments is any indication, then McKee is a popular and practical place to live on one’s own. One of the strengths of the city is the availability of reasonably priced apartment rentals. Who wouldn’t appreciate the low real estate taxes that are typical in McKee?


In McKee, 90% of commuters drive to work.