County Services

Jackson County Detention Center

Detention CenterBill Dunn, Jackson County Jailer, often takes the county inmates out to help in community service.

The Jail has 100 beds
Booking Fee: $30.00
Housing Fee: $35.00 per day

Detention Center Inmate List:

Jackson County 911

To ensure prompt emergency service for the citizens of Jackson County, Jackson County 911 strives to provide effective public safety services through the appropriate dispatch of fire, police, medical, and rescue units with the least possible delay.

Jackson County 911 was founded on highly trained and capable Communications Officers, who will maintain professional standards, through continued education, cost effectiveness and cooperation with surrounding public safety agencies.

Jackson County 911 employees will adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and morality in every action between and with the citizens we serve, and fellow co-workers.

Jackson County EMA/CSEPP


Craig Bowles EMA/CSEPP Deputy Director

It is the duty and responsibility of Jackson County Emergency Management to provide an agency to protect the lives, property, health, safety, and environment of the citizens of Jackson County. Our mission is an ” ALL HAZARDS” approach to PREPAREDNESS, RESPONSE, and RECOVERY from disasters and emergencies.

Jackson County Emergency Management also includes 3 internal programs including the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness (CSEPP), the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and E911 dispatch. Our partnerships with the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ensures and enhances our abilities to respond to all local, state, and federal emergencies.

Please visit our website for more information about EMA/CSEPP.

Jackson County Ambulance Service

Jackson County EMS (JCEMS) has been proudly serving the citizens of Jackson County under the current Ambulance Board since January 2008.

JCEMS is dedicated to serving the citizens of Jackson county with top quality pre-hospital medical care. JCEMS offers its patients with Advanced Life Support as well as Basic Life Support Coverage 24/7.

JCEMS does emergency and non emergency transports.

JCEMS takes great pride in the job we do. With our extremely educated, loyal and experienced staff, along with up to date protocols and equipment, JCEMS is confident in our ability to maintain the very best Ambulance Service in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Ambulance Service Board

  • Chairperson: Elizabeth Boggs
  • Treasurer: Tisha Britton
  • Secretary: Beth Judd

Jackson County Transfer Station/Recycling Center

Jason Thomas – Transfer Station Supervisor

The Jackson County Transfer Station/Recycling Center is owned and operated by the Jackson County Fiscal Court. Barry Spivey is the supervisor of the facility. He is also the Jackson County Solid Waste Coordinator as well as Pride Coordinator for Jackson County and the City of McKee. He also coordinates recycling activities throughout the county.

Mandatory Trash Pickup
Citizens who wish to haul their own trash can register at the transfer station as a self-disposer. However they are required to visit the transfer station at least once a month and pay their bill. The first visit will require them to pay $12.00. They will be allowed up to 300 pounds per month.

A ledger is kept at the transfer station where their weight is logged. For example if you visit the transfer station the first of the month and dispose of 100 pounds of trash you will have the remainder of the month to dispose of an additional 200 pounds of trash at no additional cost. At the end of the month if you go over the 300 pounds you will be charged an additional .04 cents per pound.

We also have a program where residents who have metal appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, stoves, etc. can call the transfer station to have these items picked up at no charge provided they are placed on the right of way of a county or state road and are free of trash.

We have (4) four permitted haulers serving Jackson County residents in different assigned areas. You can call the transfer station to find out which hauler is assigned to your area.

It is illegal to burn trash in Jackson County and can result in a fine.

To report someone not on trash pickup (anonymous). Call 606-287-7688

Litter Abatement
Litter AbatementThrough house bill 174 as a solid waste facility we pay the state $1.75 per ton for every ton of trash that is generated in Jackson County. This goes into a fund that each county in the commonwealth of Kentucky receives a portion of depending on road miles and population. These monies are strictly for roadside pickup.

Beginning in June the Jackson County Fiscal Court pays different groups for picking up roadside litter. These groups must be non-profit groups. Also groups who volunteer during Pride cleanups in April and October have priority when expending these funds.

Again any questions about the litter abatement program can be answered by calling the Transfer Station.


PrideCongressman Hal Rogers and the late Secretary of State James Bickford founded Pride. This program has helped Jackson County to clean up approximately 400 miles of roadside litter per year. It has also funded the cleanup of (73) illegal dumpsites. It has greatly improved water quality, wildlife habitat, and the general appearance of Jackson County.

Each year in the month of April we have our annual pride spring cleanup. This is when we recruit volunteer groups to pick up roadside litter. There are also free drop-off days for the public.

Every volunteer receives a Pride T-shirt for his or her efforts.

We also have roadside Pride month in October where again we recruit volunteers to pick up roadside litter.

The efforts of these volunteers are greatly appreciated and help keep Jackson County beautiful.

Pride stands for personal responsibility in a desirable environment. Any questions about the Pride program can be answered by calling the Transfer Station or going to their website at


Recyclable Material Baler
RecyclingThe transfer station also consists of a recycling center. The recycling center has been active for several years. However, in 2008 we received a grant that allowed us to expand our recycling efforts.

With the purchase of extra equipment we are able to receive various items that wasn’t possible in the past.

At no charge we can receive cardboard, used oil, steel food cans (rinsed), newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, No.#1 plastic (rinsed), No.#2 plastic (rinsed), shredded paper, and metal appliances.

We also run a truck to various businesses and industries in the county on a weekly basis.

If you have a small business that produces recyclable material and would like more information about our services or if you are a citizen and need information about material requirements please feel free to call transfer station.

Jackson County Parks and Recreation

Darrell Combs – Parks and Recreation Director
Louise Combs – Assistant Director

Darrell and Louise take care of all the County Parks; Sand Gap, Annville, and Gray Hawk.

Cleaning and maintaining the parks is a tremendous job. It takes a lot of time to keep the lawn mowed around all the playground equipment, fences and field areas.

Unfortunately due to littering, Darrell and Louise must clean up the parks to ensure a safe environment for our youth. They also keep the public restrooms at each park clean and well maintained.

All three county parks have received new playground equipment installed in 2008.

Maintaining the community parks is a big job so lets’ all do our part in helping keep the facilities clean so our community can benefit from the use of the facilities.

Due to a recent trip to Frankfort made by the Park Director, a walking track is now going to be made available to the Sand Gap Community Park.

Available at our Community Parks

Sand Gap Community Park Gray Hawk Community Park Annville Community Park
Baseball Field Tennis Court 2 Baseball Fields
Basketball Court Basketball Court Shelter
Tennis Court Playground Equipment Basketball Court
Playground Equipment Shelter Playground Equipment
Shelter Walking Track Tennis Court
Walking Track (in progress) Horse Show Ring

Open to the public with no fee.

May reserve picnic shelters or other space by request.

Jackson County Road Department

Robbie Belt

There are approximately 488 miles of road and 649 names of roads in Jackson County. The Jackson County Road Department maintains the equipment, roads, bridges and culverts on each and every mile of those County Road names.

The Jackson County Road Department has the following duties:

  1. See that County roads roads and bridges are improved and maintained as provided by law.
  2. Seeing that requests made by the Fiscal Court are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.
  3. Respond to concerns expressed by the public and relay these concerns to the Fiscal Court along with the recommended solutions.
  4. Examine the various formations and deposits of gravel and stone in the County to ascertain the material most available and best suited for the improvement of roads therein, and, when requested by Bureau of Highways, submit samples of such materials and deposits and make a written report concerning the materials.
  5. Establish or cause to be established necessary grades and recommend means of drainage repair and improvement.
  6. Inspect, or cause to be inspected, each County road or bridge during its construction or improvement, and certify to the Fiscal Court the progress of the work is being done according to the contract, plans and specifications prepared therefore.
  7. Remove or direct the removal of trees or other obstacles from the right-of-way of any publicly dedicated road when the trees or other obstacles become hazardous to traffic.
  8. Keep track of all material used, rock, culverts, fuel, etc.
  9. Make reports from time to time to as the Fiscal Court directs.
  10. Any other duties the County Judge Executive and or Fiscal Court shall deem necessary.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is a full service law enforcement agency and an arm of the court. In this regard it exists to serve all the people within Jackson County with respect, fairness, and compassion. The Sheriff’s Department is committed to the prevention of crime; the protection of and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees. The foundation is community service, with goals to enhance the quality of life, investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions and fostering a sense of security in communities and individuals. The men, women, and officers of this office nurture public trust by holding themselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. To fulfill this mission, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of it’s members through training, education and leadership.
With steadfastness and purpose of mind, we accept the responsibility of overcoming adversity to remain effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of our communities.
With distinction and pride, we protect the rights of all citizens equally.
We are responsible for our conduct, both professionally and personally. We are honest, fair, and strong of character. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct and endeavor to be role models for others.

Animal Control

Please Contact Earl Jay Smith For help With Animal Control Issues.

Phone: 606-493-5825

Jackson County Conservation District

Conservation DistrictConservation District Board
Ricky J. Boggs, Vice Chairman; Emmitt Turner, Member; Tim Wilson, Member; Howard Williams, Chairman; Jimmy K. Wells, Member; Wilson Boggs, Member; Eddie J. Madden, Secretary-Treasurer.

Natural Resource Conservation Staff

  • District Conservationist: Chuck Gibson
  • Soil Conservation Technician: Johnny Purvis
  • Jackson County District Administration Secretary: Brenda Truett

JCCD works with landowners, farmers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in many different ways. Here’s a brief rundown on the programs we’re involved with:

  • Built dams that are keeping flood water out of Mckee
  • Provide technical assistance to address resource concerns
  • Sinkhole protection
  • Heavy use area
  • Rotational grazing
  • Water well protection
  • Animal waster utilization
  • Stream crossing
  • Cropland erosion control
  • Pasture & hayland erosion control
  • Conservation cover
  • Livestock watering systems
  • Fence

Industrial Development Authority

Jackson County SignThe mission of the Industrial Development Authority encompass several large tasks such as the development and procurement of industry into our industrial parks and pursuit of commercial ventures to provide for economic development within McKee and Jackson County.

If you are considering a visit, I suggest you visit About Us and the Tourism web pages of this web site for information on our area and available local attractions.

Board Members

  • Mitchell Ball Executive Director
  • Jeff Henderson Chairman
  • Judy Schmitt Vice Chairman
  • Larry Gabbard Secretary Treasury
  • Phillip Johnson Board Member
  • Mark Sulfridge Board Member
  • Brook Sparks Board Member

Our meeting is the first Tuesday in every month at 11:00 am at the IDA office in the Jackson County Regional Industrial Park in Annville.

The industrial development authority is: Economic development Liaison to federal, state, and local government.

We are aware of what training programs the Federal Government might offer. As well as new industries businesses training programs.

We offer incentives: such as Community Action Agency loans to businesses and industries. We are competitive with the banks rates.

Daniel Boone Community Action Agency also has funds to help fund business training.

If you would like more information you can call Mitchell Ball at 606-364-8397

Jackson County/McKee Industrial Development Authority
169 Carpenter Drive
Annville, Ky 40402

Cumberland Valley District Health Department Jackson County Health Center

The Cumberland Valley District Health Department (CVDHD) was formed when the Clay County and Jackson County Health Departments joined together on August 1,1973. This was the third district health department formed in Kentucky and was made up of approximately 50 public health, home health and environmental employees.

Your local health department provides services in community, clinic, school and home environments.

Community Health Promotion

  • Hands
  • Early Intervention
  • School And Community Health Education
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control
  • Vital Statistics

Clinical Health Services

  • Family Planning
  • Folic Acid Counseling and Supplementation Preconception Care/Counseling
  • Women, Infant, Children Program
  • Comprehensive Prenatal
  • Phenylketoruria (PKU)
  • Grief Counseling
  • Preventive Health Care Screening
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • School-Based Clinics
  • Chronic Disease
  • Cancer Screening
  • Immunization
  • Tuberculosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • HIV Testing and Counseling

Home Health Services

  • Home Health
  • Home Care

Environmental Health Services
For more information please vist our main website: