A Wealth of Opportunities Await You At The Big Hill Welcome Center

Welcome CenterIf you are an outdoor adventurer, you’ll love Jackson County. We have a variety of recreational areas, facilities and attractions for the active minded person: caving, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, swimming, competition shooting and hiking, horseback riding or four-wheeling through scenic hiking trails.

The Daniel Boone National Forest covers 56,000 acres of Jackson County. It encompasses much of Jackson County’s great beauty and provides a vacation paradise.

The U.S. Forest Service operates two campgrounds and picnic areas in the county, S-Tree and Turkey Foot Recreational Areas.

Hikers’ favorite is the Sheltowee Trace Recreational Trail which spans many counties in Kentucky and runs the entire length of Jackson County.

Big Hill Welcome Center History

The Welcome Center was built in the year 1839. It is other wise known as Cox-Simpson house. It was occupied through 19th and 20th century.

The house served as a prelude to the Battle of Richmond. It was also a hospital after the Battle of Richmond and Big Hill on the retreat back to Tennessee.
Metcalf troops fought up the field by and behind the house.

Confederate General Kerby Smith in July 1962 Ordered Colonel Scott of Louisiana Confederate to go ahead and see what opposition through to Richmond. Scott had 800 men in the Regiment.

On August 29, the confederate advance met Union forces and skirmishing commenced. The Union forces were reinforced by artillery and infantry. This forced the Confederate cavalry to retreat to Big Hill. In an attempt to keep pressure on the Confederates, Brig. Gen. Mahlon D. Manson ordered a Union brigade to march to Rogersville. Skirmishing continued when Union forces met Cleburne’s men later in the afternoon.

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