Other Activities

Horseback Riding

Experience one of Kentucky’s finest traditions, horse back riding Jackson-County style.”

When you mention Kentucky, most people think of fine horses. So, it’s not surprising that outstanding opportunities for horseback riding are available in the Daniel Boone National Forest. For more information about trails and accommodations for horseback riding contact:

London Ranger District
761 S. Laurel Road
London, KY 40744
The Jackson County
Saddle Club
Earl Fee
606 287-7335

Rock Climbing

If heights don’t make you dizzy, and a simple challenge is not enough, rappel here.”

Numerous sites exist on National Forest land in Jackson County to pursue both rappelling and rock climbing. For additional information about climbing, visit Climbing Online.

Caves & Caving

Spelunking in quiet mountainside caverns, where you experience the unexpected. It’s possible”

Jackson County lies in the heart of one of the most cave rich regions in the United States. Literally, hundreds of caves are located in the “Karst” areas of this county on both public and private land. Caves can be extremely dangerous to those unskilled in exploring this underground world.

Caves also harbor numerous species of specially adapted wildlife which are sensitive to disturbance. Two species of federally endangered bats are residents of many of the caves in Jackson County. Both of these species, Indiana Bats as well as Virginia Big-eared Bats, use caves for winter hibernation and/or summer maternity sites. Should you encounter large numbers of bats during a visit to a cave, the best practice is to leave immediately. Bats awakened in the winter may burn up their fat reserves and die before spring feeding begins. During the summer, female bats are extremely sensitive to human disturbance of maternity sites resulting in the abandonment of young.

To do caving correctly and safely for yourself and for other life forms dependent upon these unique ecosystems, it is recommended that you contact a local caving group or “Grotto” for assistance. To find one, we suggest checking with the National Speleological Society.

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy owns and manages over 1,000 acres of Bioreserve along Horse Lick Creek in Jackson County. Phone 606-878-7664 for more information.

For more information about scheduled membership outings in Horse Lick Creek, contact Jim Hays, Director of the Horse Lick Creek Bioreserve.

Other Recreational Areas

Other recreational areas and entertainment facilities that are within a 70 mile radius of Jackson County include:

  • Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park,
  • White Hall State Shrine,
  • Fort Boonesborough State Park,
  • Laurel River Lake,
  • William Whitley House State Shrine,
  • Natural Bridge State Resort Park,
  • Red River Gorge,
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park,
  • Hummel Planetarium,
  • Kentucky Horse Park,
  • The Red Mile Racehorse Track,
  • Shakertown,
  • Renfro Valley Country Music Hall,
  • The Lexington Center for the Arts,
  • The Lexington Theater and Ballet
  • Horse Lick Creek Retreat

The area also includes innumerable other historic, scenic, and entertainment areas and facilities.

Linger in our hills and experience the neighborliness of our people and the beauty of our countryside.

For more information click here to visit the Jackson County Tourism Website